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It all started with a scarf..

What started out as two friends going to the city to deliver scarfs, turned into Angels Sharing The Warmth, our very own non-profit organization. Let us start back at the very beginning though...

Back on December 14, 2017, Kristine and Stacey hopped onto the train where they were greeted by the ticket master. He friendly chatted asking about their travels, once knowing their mission- he informed them that there would be no one at their point of destination due to it being a code blue the night before. (A code blue is when the weather is to cold for anyone to be outdoors!) Before the girls were able to feel defeat, the ticket master informed them where the people would be. Instead of going to Love Park, they were directed to Suburban station. This is where they handed out all their scarfs and during this time is when they realized THIS was the start of something bigger.

It may of started with scarfs, but it has shown us our mission. We hand out season appropriate clothing, sandwiches, hot meals, blessing bags, and mats of warmth. We also offer a second chance to those in need of completing community service hours. Angels Sharing The Warmth may only be two years old, but we have big plans for the future.

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